We have the honor to offer you the synergy between our company and yours for manufacturing and commercialization of our products based on the patented method of motion through one of the two types of cooperation.
Primary business model of Argonault is the distribution of licenses and transfer technology to manufacturers for
mass production of the power wheelchairs. Argonault relies on transparent and accurate presentation of data covering all aspects of the business.
Sales perspective are measured in millions of devices annually. The volume of sales will primarily depend on the productive potential
of the manufacturer, although the demand will be higher than the supply under any circumstances.
The new technology provides a next-generation device with the unique functional capabilities. It creates a new niche
in the market and supersedes the group of existing devices.
If you think you have enough manufacturing recourses, we offer you the cooperation based on licensing and transfer of
technology agreement, with Argonault receiving royalties from net sales. We would like to actively engage your company
to put your custom engineering touches and to control manufacturing of this product in North American as well as
global markets.
Through combining our efforts we are interested in a steady, long-term cooperation in order to launch the products into the market.
Many customers buy medical assistance equipment on a regular basis, mainly with the financial aid of government organizations,
insurance companies and charitable organizations. Products like these are being sold directly to the end-user and through
a network of existing local retailers throughout North America. This type of network will guarantee
a stable global consumer market. Furthermore, it is one of the most recession-free markets for dealers and manufacturers.
The incomparable functionality at the same price as the high-end power wheelchairs on the market ensures high sales prospects.
If you are interested in the commercialization process, we offer you to consider a joint venture or any type of partnership.
For the due diligence we would gladly provide you with information about intellectual property,
market research and analysis, statistics, product certification, functionality of apparatuses, engineering database and manufacturability.
We offer you an opportunity to participate in this business with us and we look forward to a detailed discussion of
business relationship.
Please let us know what you think about our proposition.