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The Argonault automated stretcher is based upon the same innovative platform used for development of the Arognault power wheelchair and high-performance scooter. A full-scale operational prototype has been developed and is available to showcase this powerful machine’s multi-functionality.


The vast majority of occupational injuries to healthcare workers and personal care attendants are related to back strain suffered fromtransitioning patients to and from beds, toilets, etc. The automated stretcher gives patients virtual independence in their movements within nursing homes, hospitals or private residences.

The automated stretcher significantly reduces physical stress and risk of occupational injuries.

  • The Argonault power wheelchair transforms effortlessly to an automated stretcher. Patients can power adjust their elevation and roll from a fully reclined position onto any bed or gurney without the assistance of a nurse or caregiver.
  • The automated stretcher boasts infinitely variable tilt and reclining capabilities.
  • The device also has a frame that can compass the standard toilet base enabling users independent movement onto the toilet without requiring physical efforts in repositioning. 
  • The Argonault automated stretcher transforms quickly to power wheelchair mode and can be controlled by the user or a caregiver. Patients can be transported in either mode, using standard vehicles such as minivans without requiring costly modifications or the use of ramps or lifts.
  • The stretcher can be used as an operating table where such a necessity arises.
These combined features of the Argonault automated stretcher provide for the accommodation of patients in a comprehensive array of medical and care-giving scenarios. See a video demonstration here.
 We plan to produce a full line of stretcher models with specialized features. Each would replace the use of several conventional assistive devices. As with all Argonault products, adaptability to multiple functions will ensure the automated stretcher’s competitive edge in all areas of the market.