Our team of engineers and inventors put in an incredible amount of effort in order to achieve the functionality of these machines.

We have developed all of the technology from scratch and created a series of prototypes.

During several years, we have conducted numerous studies and experiments.

The whole development process of this project was carried out using our own means.

Currently we have finished the engineering and technology platform for the implementation of the final design and are organize mass production.

Now it is in the process of commercialization. At this stage additional financial resources are required.

In this regard, we decided to attract private financing and offer dividends from future sales of products.

If  like us, you see a great business perspective of this product on the market and its necessary and useful for people,

you can become a shareholder.

According to the law, we can not publicize the details of the private placement.

For more information on the full business aspects please email us at:

We have to put in a lot of effort and funding to bring these devices to the market.


                               Other than that, your financial support allows you to be proud of participating in this noble cause.