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The Argonault high-performance scooter is based upon the same innovative platform used for development of the Argonault power wheelchair and automated stretcher.

The mobility market has not yet offered a single device that can autonomously load and unload into any truck or unmodified van. Argonault provides that ability!


The Argonault high-performance scooter raises the bar for speed, adaptability and thrift.

  • The Argonault high-performance scooter is exceptionally cost effective, since it eliminates the need for ramps, lifts and expensive modifications to the user’s vehicle.
  • The Argonault scooter takes a user to the soft ground and steep slopes terrains where shopping scooters and golf carts are not adepted.
  • The scooter’s design allows for ascending and descending steps, as well as surmounting low obstacles.
  • The unique construction enables autonomous operation of the vehicle at high speeds.
  • In rapid advance mode, the device is lowered for optimal stability and operating at high speeds.
  • The wheeled footrest provides additional safety, in the event the device is stopped abruptly.

During engineering of the scooter, speed limitations, braking rates, cornering and weight distribution are programmed into the software. As with all Argonault product lines, the user enjoys the definitive multi-functional advantage of autonomous transitioning from upright seating to flatbed mode.

The Argonault project entails development of a full line of scooter products, models differing in features, accessories and pricing. Purchase and maintenance costs will prove significantly lower than those associated with conventional combinations of assistive devices. This multiple functionality will ensure the Argonault high-performance scooter’s competitiveness in all areas of the market.