Boundless Mobility Means Boundless Ability

Video updated with the latest prototypes in 2017 you can see on YouTube:


Argonault is an emergent organization committed to introducing a premier line of products in the burgeoning high-tech sector of the assistive device industry. Innovators in this industry, we are speeding the evolution of assisted mobility by bringing to market the innovative and highly adaptable solutions conceived for people with complex mobility requirements.
Ours is not a conventional powered wheelchair but a revolutionary form of human mobility. A full scale and fully operational prototype has been developed, and is available for demonstrations.
The Argonault solution departs fundamentally from traditional approaches to meeting assisted mobility requirements. Radically expanding the mobility of disabled and elderly persons, the Argonault solution overcomes long identified, yet unresolved problems in hospitals and nursing homes.
The Argonault solution represents a quantum leap in mobility assistive technologies.
  • Autonomous climbing and descending on different level surfaces.
  • Overstepping obstacles.
  • Independent loading  with non-converted minivans.
  • Transportation of the user in any posture, from seated upright to fully recumbent.
  • Transition to required positions, including fully horizontal, within the minivan.
  • Disabled person’s unassisted transition to their bed and toilet.
  • Stable movement at high speeds.
Addressing each of the major mobility challenges simultaneously, Argonault is developing devices built upon a unified platform. The platform is multi functional, enabling our core technology to perform several different tasks. These tasks are performed more effectively than by most purpose-built assistive devices.
These devices have been engineered on a proprietary concept protected by National and International Intellectual Property Rights. Our full size and fully operational prototype demonstrates Argonault’s concept as a crucial advance in assistive technologies.
Exhaustive market analysis has confirmed our project’s exceptional potential for users and manufacturers alike. Argonault is engineering development and commercialization of the following projects: power wheelchair, high-performance scooter, skid-loader, powered ambulance cot and automated stretcher. Commercial manufacture of our products will include high quality models fabricated using the most advanced mechanisms and cutting edge materials.
Boundless mobility means boundless ability. Re-inventing assisted mobility, Argonault is poised for rapid entry into all markets of mobility support and related products.